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Dillanos Ambassador Fundraising Program

Help out your local community with coffee fundraising while driving new traffic to your coffee business!

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Dillanos Ambassador Fundraising Program Overview & FAQ

Dillanos has teamed with JavaFundraising.com to create a community coffee fundraising program for Dillanos customers. The program is aimed at supporting local youth groups, schools and faith groups in your local area by allowing them to sell co-branded Dillanos coffee for their organization. Fundraising groups keep anywhere from 20-50% of their profits, depending on their sales levels.

What are the benefits for me, a Dillanos customer who sells Dillanos Coffee?

  1. You benefit by being a local resource for fundraising events in your community
  2. Fundraisers will include an exclusive BOGO coupon for your store (with your logo on it) with each product they deliver. This drives local business directly to your store.
  3. Fundraisers will be encouraged to visit you to buy more coffee when their fundraising order is consumed.

What do we need to provide to participate?

  1. Fill out the simple online form and send us your logo to become a local fundraising sponsor.
  2. Place your personalized fundraising postcards (Provided by JavaFundraising) on your counters and drive thru window. Hand out cards to your customers who want to know more. They go online for details. You don’t need to actively sign anyone up!
  3. You will be notified of any fundraisers in your area. Dillanos will ship the coffee products to your location and the local fundraising group will arrange with you to pick them up.

Who is JavaFundraising?

JavaFundraising teamed exclusively with Dillanos Coffee Roasters in the fall of 2018 to provide co-branded Dillanos Coffee and K-Cups to raise money for local youth, school and faith groups. First launched in Dillanos hometown of Sumner, WA, and expanding to its surrounding communities, JavaFundraising sponsored more than 45 events and has raised more than $265,000 for local community groups. As face-to-face fundraising slowed to a halt due to Covid Protocols, JavaFundraising launched an online solution allowing groups to manage sales online. As such, JavaFundraising recently launched the Dillanos Ambassador Fundraising Program to allow Dillanos Customers to actively participate and support their local communities through Coffee Fundraising.

How does the fundraiser work for local community groups?

  1. Local groups take a postcard from your location, go online and sign up. Everything they need is online so you don’t have anything to manage.
  2. JavaFundraising works directly with the group to answer questions and get them signed up. We get a copy of their logo to co-brand all of their marketing materials and coffee product labels
  3. JavaFundraising sets up a co-branded online store for your local fundraising group and manages all orders and sales. Individual fundraisers are given a code and receive reports to track all of their sales against their goals.
  4. JavaFundraising rolls up all of the groups sales and places the order with co-branded labels on all of the product.
  5. Product is then shipped to you (the local ambassador) and picked up (at a mutually arranged time) at your location.
  6. At pickup, the group receives a copy of all orders along with instructions on how to divide up orders by individual fundraiser. They are provided with custom bags, labels and your BOGO offer card for each order to make it easy.
  7. The fundraising organization then divides up their orders by fundraiser and arranges for them to be picked up at their own time and location.
  8. There is no need for you as the fundraising ambassador to do anything except to meet with the group organizer at your location for them to pick up their bulk order.
  9. Individual fundraisers receive a copy of all orders and hand deliver the final product, along with your BOGO coupon, to the end-purchaser in your local community.
  10. Product offerings include: Dark Roast = Dillanos Metro French Roast 3/4lb Whole Bean OR Drip. Medium Roast = Dillanos Dillon’s Roast 3/4lb Whole Bean OR Drip. K-Cups = 12ct. Dillon’s Roast.
  11. All products are priced at $20. Groups that sell 300 or more items receive 50% of their sales. Groups that 200-299 units = 40%, 100-199 units = 30% and 0-99 units = 20%.