Your Coffee Fundraiser Made Easy and Profitable!

What is Java Fundraising?

Our Fundraisers are Easy!

  • ZERO cost to get started, and your event can begin within days
  • Your organization keeps 50% of sales
  • Sell door-to-door or via an online store tailored to your fundraiser
  • Your logo and colors on all fundraising materials and products
  • Group orders shipped FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Sellers orders are individually packaged for easy distribution
  • Coffee is roasted FRESH for your fundraiser and delivered within 2 weeks

Easy to Calculate Profits!

Organizations keep 50% of sales, which is $10.00 from each $20 bag of coffee, K-Cups or hot cocoa orders sold.  Use the calculator below to see how much profit your fundraiser can make:

Total Participants in Group
Average Units Sold Each
Your Group Makes:


Featuring Dillanos Coffee Roasters (DCR)


Why Coffee?

Percentage of Americans that drink at least 1-cup of coffee a day:


Cups of coffee consumed by Americans every DAY:

Cups of coffee consumed by Americans every YEAR:

MEN and WOMEN drink coffee equally:

Both average just over 3 cups per day