About JavaFundraising.com

JavaFundraising.com is a product of Watchdog Media Inc. that was originally founded by Shane Gillispie in 1993. Gillispie is a two-time Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee who started JavaFundraising to blend his passion and experience in youth sports, school fundraising and the specialty coffee industry.  His expertise in marketing and passion for supporting youth programs has led him to dedicate a lot of time to both coaching youth sports as well as serving on several non-profit boards. His efforts to date include managing campaigns to raise over $365,000,000 for local school bonds and levies and well over $100,000 for local youth sports groups. Gillispie also coaches youth football, basketball and lacrosse.

To learn more, go to www.watchdogmedia.com

Featuring Dillanos Coffee Roasters (DCR)

JavaFundraising is proud to feature coffee exclusively in partnership with award-winning Dillanos Coffee Roasters.  Founded in the Pacific Northwest, and in business for more than 20-years, Dillanos grew from a tiny three-person outfit in 1992 to a nationally recognized roaster with more than 1,500 customers across the country and is the country's most recognized specialty coffee brands.  Their distribution network allows us to ship huge orders anywhere in the U.S. We can assure you that our coffee is second to none. While you can find Dillanos in the specialty items section of most grocery stores, its primary customers are Café’s who make coffee for a living.

To learn more, go to www.dillanos.com

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